How does the exchange take place and what is the issuance procedure?

Algorithm for receiving cash “Any direction – Cash”

  1. Create an application on our website, indicating the real Telegram and mail.
  2. You receive payment details by clicking the “Exchange” button or by contacting the operator in the chat in the lower right corner of the site (for manual exchange directions) and transferring the amount specified in the application.
  3. After your payment arrives, the amount and rate are fixed.
  4. You are waiting in Telegram until our specialist contacts you and will give further instructions on receiving cash – a unique code for issuing and an address where to get the cash.

We do not have offices where we carry out an exchange with a client at a meeting, cash withdrawal in all cities takes place at our currency exchange points or delivery by our best couriers (who appoints a meeting place where you need to drive up). It depends on the features of issuance in the city you have chosen. Addresses for receiving cash in different cities may change due to the heavy workload of our exchange offices or the reserve you need.

In all cities of the world and Ukraine, except Kyiv, there is an additional commission for cash withdrawal, the amount of which can be specified when choosing the city of receipt in the direction of exchange. This percentage is charged from the “Received Amount” after the payment is credited to our wallet and the rate is fixed. There is no additional commission from the “Amount of receipt” when issuing cash in GBR, AED, or KZT.

Delivery schedule for Ukraine: day-to-day after payment, usually 2-3 hours (until 18-00), except weekends. Issuance in Kyiv 24/7. On Saturday there is an opportunity to receive cash in such cities as Dnipro, Odesa, Kharkiv, and Lviv (at a limited time, which needs to be specified); Sunday is a weekend in all cities. You can also pay for the application on weekends, we will fix the rate and amount upon enrollment, and receipt – from Monday.

Issuance regulations for the world (except Ukraine): issuance within 72 hours, except weekends. You can also pay for the application on weekends, we will fix the rate and amount upon enrollment, and receipt – from Monday.

What do I need to make a cash exchange?

When issuing cash, you just need to know the code and the exact amount of receipt (including the additional commission). All exchanges are confidential – you don’t need to say anything except the application number and the amount. Withdrawals occur daily. Also, please take into account the fact that all exchanges take place exclusively through the creation of an application on our website. We do not conduct transactions in Telegram. This contact is for consultation only.

In which cities can I exchange cash and what are the minimum exchange amounts?

We carry out cash withdrawals in the cities that are indicated in the direction of the exchange. If you cannot find the city you need or it is not on the list, please contact us in the chat, which is located in the lower right corner of the site.

  • The minimum exchange amount in the world (except Ukraine) is $10,000 equivalent.
  • The minimum amount of exchange in the cities of Ukraine is $10,000 equivalent.
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