Policy AML

  1. The Best-obmen.com service adheres to the practices and measures in the field of combating money laundering and the financing of terrorism (AML).
  2. 1.1. Money laundering is defined as:

    • the transformation or transfer of property obtained as a result of criminal activity, or funds received in exchange for such property, if it is known that it was acquired as a result of criminal activity, or as a result of participation in such activity, in order to conceal or obscure the illegal origin of assets, or to provide assistance to any person involved in the commission of such actions to evade legal consequences;
    • the acquisition, possession or use of property obtained as a result of criminal activity, or property received in exchange for such property, knowing at the time of receipt that such property was obtained as a result of criminal activity or as a result of participation in it;
    • and the concealment or obscuring of the true nature, source, location, movement, rights in relation to or possession of property obtained as a result of criminal activity, or funds received in lieu of such property, if such property is known to be acquired as a result of criminal activity.

    Additionally, money laundering also includes participating in, complicity in, attempting to commit and aiding, abetting, facilitating and advising in any of the acts mentioned above.

    1.2. Financing of terrorism is defined as the financing and support of a terrorist act and its commission, as well as the financing and support of travel for the purpose of committing terrorism.

  3. The purpose of these measures is to demonstrate that Best-obmen.com takes any attempts to use its service for illegal purposes seriously.
  4. The Best-obmen.com service warns users against attempting to use it for money laundering, terrorist financing, or any form of fraud, as well as from purchasing prohibited goods and services.
  5. To prevent illegal transactions, the Service sets certain requirements for all Applications created by the User:
  6. 4.1. The sender and recipient of the payment under the application must be the same person. Using the services of the service, transfers in favor of third parties are strictly prohibited.

    4.2. All contact information entered by the User in the Application, as well as other personal data transmitted by the User to the Service, must be up-to-date and accurate.

    4.3. It is strictly forbidden for the User to create Applications using anonymous proxy servers or any other anonymous internet connection.

    4.4. The service reserves the right to block funds from exchanges that are included in the sanctions lists or have been designated as "high-risk". To date, these platforms are: Black Sprut, BTC-e, Chiper Mixer, DuelBits, FreeBitcoin, Gandhiji.io, Hydra, NVSPC, Roobet, Tornado, WEX Exchange, Yolo Group, OMG!OMG!, Garantex, 1xBit, MEGA DARKNET MARKET, Primedice, Darknetone, Wasasabi Wallet, DuckDice, Doubleway, Stake, and Bitzlato. This list can be supplemented.

  7. If there are reasonable suspicions from the administration of the Service that the user is attempting to use the services of the Service for money laundering or for the purpose of carrying out any other illegal operations, the administration has the right to:
    • suspend the execution of the user's exchange operation;
    • request from the user documents identifying the person and other information related to payments:
      ◆ A photo of one of the documents (passport, ID card, or driver's license), a selfie with this document, and a sheet with today's date and signature written by hand. ◆ Provide complete information about the platform through which the funds were sent to you (if possible, provide screenshots from the withdrawal history of the wallet/sender platform, as well as links to both transactions in the explorer); the service for which you received the funds; how much the transaction was, as well as the date and time of its execution; through which contact person you communicated with the sender of funds (if possible, provide screenshots of the correspondence with the sender, where we can see confirmation of the sending).
  8. All information provided by the client may be transferred to the relevant authorities in the following cases: at the request of law enforcement agencies, by decision of courts of various instances, and at the request of the administrations of the Payment Systems.
  9. About the Anti-Money Laundering Policy of the Best-Obmen Service Partner, WhiteBIT Platforms: [breakword] Please note that the use of the Services, the Website, and the WhiteBIT Platform is subject to international legal requirements and laws. Users agree to comply with the requirements of the User Agreement when buying, selling, transferring, receiving, exchanging, or storing digital assets on the Platform. The principles of legality and openness allow the WhiteBIT Exchange to provide clients with a high level of security, thus making it possible to exclude the service's participation in any illegal activity. The WhiteBIT platform undertakes mandatory monitoring and risk assessment of all ongoing transactions and other client activities, using specially designed internal procedures and AML/CTF monitoring systems. In this way, the service and its clients can effectively and reliably counter the financing of terrorism and prevent money laundering.