Why was my application removed?

Your application was deleted and you don't know why? What to do in this case? Applications for the exchange are deleted only if payment is not received from you. Perhaps you yourself delayed the transfer for a significant time or the bank carried out the payment for too long - the transfer was at your order. Such situations with payment systems and banks happen quite often and this can happen to every user. Nothing terrible happened. The issue will be resolved. Make sure once again that you really transferred money to us. This can be seen in the personal accounts of banks or payment systems. If the result is positive, then you need to contact Best-obmen.com technical support and report the problem. The operator will immediately re-check the receipt of funds and, if they really came, will restore the application and process it. If you have any more questions, please contact our support team via online chat on the website (icon in the lower right corner of the website) or email [email protected] Happy exchanges!