On our service, coins are considered received, and the exchange request is paid when your transaction receives 2 (two) confirmations in the Bitcoin blockchain. The speed of transaction confirmation is a process independent of the exchanger, it depends on many factors, mainly on the speed of the network and the commission that you specify yourself when sending coins. The larger the commission, the faster the miners verify it and it will receive confirmation. The exchanger does not have the ability to influence this process and we are not able to predict the confirmation time. We observe that transfers with small commissions can be confirmed within days.

It is important to understand that if you transferred coins to the address of the exchanger, but your transfer did not receive the required number of confirmations, then the application has not yet been paid. And, as you understand, there is no payment – no exchange!

We took care and wrote an article on commissions:
How to find out the optimal fee for BTC withdrawal?

Commission information is for guidance only!

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01.12.2023, 21:58