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Today we would like to tell you about the main points that our customers need to familiarize themselves with. Before creating an application, we strongly recommend that you read the rules of our service to avoid unpleasant situations and misunderstandings in the future. We tried to describe everything as much as possible in the “SITE RULES” and in the section “HELP”, and now we will tell you in detail which sections IMPORTANT TO READ, in order for your exchanges to be quick, successful and bring only positive emotions:

  1. One of the most important rules at the stage of creating an application is to indicate a valid e-mail, to which the client will have full access and the ability to receive and send messages.
    Why?Recently, scammers' schemes to extort funds from a client are very common. To protect the assets of clients, we make any changes to the application only after the client agrees to this action via the e-mail specified in the application.

  2. We recommend that you carefully choose the network through which you plan to send or receive coins to your wallet. To do this, our specialists have made a section “SUPPORTED FORMATS OF CRYPTOCURRENCY WALLETS”, where you can get acquainted with these formats in detail. Why? If you specify the sending network incorrectly, your coins may not reach the specified address and will be lost, which can greatly upset you and create a conflict that will be unpleasant for both sides.

  3. We do not support accepting coins via SMART CONTRACTS. If you sent coins through a smart contract, they will be lost.
    How so?Our exchange cannot credit such funds to our wallet account. We are always happy to help and answer questions, you just need to write to us in the chat support in the lower right corner of the site.

  4. When sending XRP, XLM, BNB, EOS, ATOM coins to our details, you must specify tag/memo.
    What for? We accept these coins to exchange wallets and without tag/memo, such coins will not be credited to us. If the situation has already happened, do not worry, your assets are not lost! Be sure to contact chat support, where you will be given detailed instructions on what to do. Unfortunately, if you sent these coins without a tag/memo, you will have to wait until your coins are credited to our wallet.

  5. It is very important to send exactly the amount of coins that was indicated in the application and take into account the commission for sending, which falls on the client. Carefully read the section “MINIMUM DEPOSITS FOR CRYPTOCURRENCIES”, it indicates the minimum amounts that we can accept on their wallets. Who came up with this? We accept coins on the wallets of the exchange, which has exactly this minimum number of coins that they can accept. In the case of sending an amount less than the minimum deposit, such funds are considered lost, since, unfortunately, they cannot be credited and are debited by the exchange due to restrictions.

  6. Our exchange office fixes the rate at the moment your coins are credited, after the required number of network confirmations. Here we will immediately consider 2 important parameters of a successful exchange.
    What does this mean?[/textcolor] For each coin, the exchange has set a certain number of blocks required to confirm the payment, and until your transaction reaches them, it cannot be credited to our wallet. And accordingly, the exchange cannot be completed. When your transaction reaches the required number of network confirmations, it is credited to our wallet and we fix the exchange rate. Such rules are established to avoid re-spending funds and to avoid fraudulent schemes with cryptocurrency assets.

We are always open to dialogue and will be glad to hear your opinion or suggestions for improving the quality of our resources! Happy exchanges!
Always BEST with us! team

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