Dear users, our systеm is specially designed for maximum ease and comfort of use for you!

But there are moments that the systеm does not read. For example, the systеm cannot read minds, does not predict the future, and does not fix the additional amount sent to the address of the same application. Also, the automation will not be able to recognize the change in the commission for the transfer after its confirmation.

We kindly ask you not to do this! In such situations, exchanges require manual intervention and may be significantly delayed due to the current workload of the operator.

If you need to exchange a larger amount than stated, just create another request :)
Do you want the transaction processing speed to be faster? Please take care of this before sending coins.

But, if the above-mentioned errors did occur, there is no need to worry, contact us and briefly describe the situation, we will definitely help!

If you have any more questions, please contact our support team via online chat on the website (icon in the lower right corner of the website) or email [email protected]

Happy exchanges!

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04.02.2023, 08:35