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A new direction for converting digital currencies has appeared on the website of the online exchange service Best-Obmen. Now, users of the service can exchange the stable digital coin EURT with us.

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eurt erc20 Tether (ERC20) EURT usdt trc20 Tether (TRC20) USDT
eurt erc20 Tether (ERC20) EURT usdc erc20 USD Coin (ERC20) USDC
eurt erc20 Tether (ERC20) EURT bitcoin btc Bitcoin BTC
eurt erc20 Tether (ERC20) EURT ethereum eth Ethereum ETH
eurt erc20 Tether (ERC20) EURT capitalist eur Capitalist EUR
eurt erc20 Tether (ERC20) EURT payeer usd Payeer USD
eurt erc20 Tether (ERC20) EURT monobank uah Monobank UAH
eurt erc20 Tether (ERC20) EURT kaspi bank kzt Kaspi Bank KZT

General information about the coin

EURT, short for Euro Tether, is a stablecoin that is pegged to the value of the Euro, the official currency of the European uniоn. This unique characteristic sets it apart from other cryptocurrencies, as its value remains relatively stable and is not subject to extreme volatility typically associated with the crypto space.

The stability of EURT is achieved through a carefully designed mechanism that ensures a 1:1 ratio between the cryptocurrency and EUR.

The coin was developed and released by Tether Limited, a Hong Kong-based company well-known to most users thanks to another popular stablecoin, USDT.

E-currency Expert

Lean Donovan

Best-Obmen author

EURT is a stablecoin that provides stability, security, and ease of use in the world of digital finance. It can always be converted profitably to gain quick access to funds or diversify one’s portfolio.

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27.09.2023, 17:48