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Today, the attention of the crypto community is focused on the Tenet blockchain and its own token of the same name. This is due to the listing of the cryptocurrency on several major exchanges, as well as the conclusion of a partnership between Conflux and Tenet, which will entail the entry of the latter into the Asian market.

Best-Obmen cryptocurrency exchange service, as always, quickly responds to market trends, so TENET cryptocurrency has already been added to our list of available destinations.

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tenet erc20 TENET (ERC20) TENET usdt trc20 Tether (TRC20) USDT
tenet erc20 TENET (ERC20) TENET usdt erc20 Tether (ERC20) USDT
tenet erc20 TENET (ERC20) TENET usdt bep20 Tether (BEP20) USDT

A few words about the project itself

The Tenet blockchain is a first-level development released on the basis of Cosmos. Its main task is the disclosure of liquidity, new opportunities for LSD, security, and an increase in profitability.

The ecosystem features the industry’s first AI chat for mobile wallets, allowing users to discover DeFi information and interact with pre-verified actions on the blockchain.

In addition, Tenet is the first EVM project on the Cosmos platform with liquid staking technology and innovative Diversified PoS consensus technology.

E-currency Expert

Lean Donovan

Best-Obmen author

The loud announcement of the listing of the TENET cryptocurrency is quite justified. The project includes several innovative features that make it stand out from the ever-growing blockchain landscape. For example, thanks to a special recycling technology, users will be able to use the coins of one network to protect another – this makes the project’s security level one of the highest on the market.

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07.12.2023, 09:00