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We are pleased to announce that our Best-Obmen service has added the ARB cryptocurrency to its listing. This new addition allows our users to exchange ARB for other directions (cryptocurrencies, fiat money, payment systems) available on our platform.

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Future Developments

The listing of ARB on Best-Obmen demonstrates the service’s commitment to embracing the growing layer 2 solutions ecosystem. As the popularity of Arbitrum continues to grow, we are actively exploring ways to expand our services and provide users with additional ways to interact with other cryptocurrencies in the future. We encourage users to stay tuned for further announcements and events.

You send You receive
arbitrum arb Arbitrum ARB usdt erc20 Tether (ERC20) USDT
arbitrum arb Arbitrum ARB usdc trc20 USD Coin (TRC20) USDC
arbitrum arb Arbitrum ARB dai erc20 DAI (ERC20) DAI
arbitrum arb Arbitrum ARB mono uah Monobank UAH
arbitrum arb Arbitrum ARB kaspi kzt Kaspi Bank KZT
arbitrum arb Arbitrum ARB adv usd Advanced Cash USD
arbitrum arb Arbitrum ARB payeer eur Payeer EUR
arbitrum arb Arbitrum ARB perfect money usd Perfect Money USD
arbitrum arb Arbitrum ARB capitalist usd Capitalist USD
arbitrum arb Arbitrum ARB busd bep20 BUSD (BEP20) BUSD

What is ARB

ARB is the native token of the Arbitrum Network, a layer 2 scaling solution designed to enhance the efficiency of the Ethereum blockchain. The token serves several important purposes within the Arbitrum ecosystem. Here are a few notable use cases:

Transaction fee: ARB is used to pay for transaction fees when conducting operations on the Arbitrum network. By using ARB, users can minimize costs compared to directly using Ethereum.

Growing ecosystem: Numerous blockchain projects are currently operating on Arbitrum, including major DeFi protocols, NFT marketplaces, yield aggregators, and atypical services (such as the dForce lending service and GMX marketplace for perpetual contracts).

Cross-Chain Bridge: ARB acts as a bridge between the Ethereum main net and the Arbitrum network, facilitating smooth asset transfers between the two chains. This feature improves compatibility and simplifies the work of users who want to leverage the advantages of both networks.

E-currency Expert

Lean Donovan

Best-Obmen author

Overall, ARB represents an exciting addition to the cryptocurrency landscape, offering users a promising alternative for faster and more efficient transactions within the Ethereum ecosystem. Its utility, profit potential, and interaction capabilities make ARB an interesting asset to watch as the adoption of layer 2 solutions continues to grow.

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07.12.2023, 09:37