This operation is done in semi-automatic mode and takes up to 8 hours. An operator is required to perform it (see Operator Status).

Outside of the banking day (overnight), it may not be possible to make payments. If you create an Application during this period, it will be processed by the operator in the morning.

The final fixation of the exchange rate will be fixed after receiving 15 confirmations in a Litecoin-network. Rate deviation plays a role within one or two minutes after the creation of the exchange order. The rate is ranked according to the order of the WhiteBit exchange as a percentage.

Carefully review our supported formats cryptocurrency wallets, as well as the minimum deposit amount.

Our platform conducts AML verification of deposits. If an AML block is triggered, you will receive an email and further instructions for verification, which you can also read at the link.

We make bulk and registry payments for Litecoin LTC to cards of any Ukrainian banks automatically through a simple and convenient Telegram bot. Payments from 10 hryvnias and the ability to download a report on payments. To activate the service, provide your Telegram contact while placing an exchange order and we will get in touch with you.

Exchange rate: 1 LTC = 2 745.523097 UAH

min.: 3.642293 LTC max.: 145.691726 LTC

min.: 3.642293 LTC

min.: 10 000 UAH max.: 400 000 UAH

min.: 10 000 UAH
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Любые изменения данных заявки возможны только через подтверждение с почты указанного в заявке

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Exchange Litecoin LTC to KredoBank UAH

A few simple steps will allow you to make an exchange quickly and easily:

  1. In the submitted registration form, you must fill in all the fields. In the required window, you must specify a real email address. If you intend to change any data in the exchange order, a confirmation will be sent to the specified e-mail, and only after that, the information will change. Then you need to click the “Exchange” button.
  2. In the window that appears, you should familiarize yourself with the terms of the exchange operation. If you agree with the points presented, you should click on the checkbox and click the button to create an order.
  3. After that, the transfer of the amount necessary for the exchange will follow – this is easy to do if you follow the instructions on the site. Thus, the order is paid.
  4. The last step is to be redirected to the exchange order status page, where the client can track everything that happens with the exchange process.
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