For a long time there is no confirmation of the transfer of coins to my address! Can you speed up the confirmation process for my transaction?

Confirmation of transactions in the blockchain network depends on the work of the miners. It is these people who make the bitcoin network alive and act solely in their own financial interests. The exchanger is not engaged in mining, and also cannot influence their work in any way. This is a process that is not dependent on us, so we cannot speed up the process of confirming your transaction on the Bitcoin blockchain! It is important to understand that the obligations of the exchanger are considered fulfilled after the transfer of coins to the address specified by the client, which is confirmed by an entry in the block browser, for example here . Nevertheless, Best-obmen cares about its customers and tries to do everything to ensure that any customer operations are carried out as quickly as possible. When we send btc to our clients, we indicate the commissions recommended by the service The commission is set by us in such a way that your transaction is confirmed in the next block, no later. The above service calculates the recommended commissions based on historical data for the last hour of work and makes an assumption about the actual commissions at the current moment. Sometimes there are circumstances when the state of the network changes dramatically and the historical data is very different from the current one. In such cases, the commission indicated by us may not be enough to obtain a quick confirmation, i.e. Your transaction will not be accepted into the next block as intended. Transaction confirmation may be delayed until the next blocks, it will take longer than expected. Unfortunately, we do not know of another way to determine the actual commissions. If you are not satisfied with our commissions, we ask you to refuse to use the service in order to avoid misunderstandings and wasted nerves. Recently, and quite often, the Bitcoin network has been loaded. This can be caused by various circumstances: a large number of pending transactions, attacks on the network, a sharp change in the course. During such periods, the waiting time for confirmations can increase from several hours to several days!