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Quick Take

  • General Bytes Bitcoin ATMs were used by a hacker to stole finances people were depositing through ATMs.
  • The company claims the hacker managed to modify the settings to redirect funds.

People using General Bytes Bitcoin ATMs to make crypto deposits were robbed by a hacker who was able to modify the settings of the device. Bleeping Computer was the first to cover the news.
hacket btc atm

Serving company comments

In an advisory regarding the matter, the serving company informed that the attacker modified the two-way machines’ settings to redirect funds to the invalid address with the original crypto wallets of the customers changed to his wallet.

The company specifies the hacker managed to remotely create an admin user through the Crypto Application Server, which is a systеm managing the working processes of ATM. This was performed via a URL that allows for a default installation.
The company took some measures to prevent possible fraudulent activities of that kind and presented necessary steps to take with the aim of fixing the security systеm’s vulnerability and eliminating further threats of a similar type. The measures to be implemented are published on the company’s website. Multiple checkups they have been doing since 2020 weren’t able to identify the vulnerability.

Crypto donation hunt

The statement took some time to compose, and it did not specify the number of people affected as well as the general sum of funds stolen. The company has recently announced a new “Help Ukraine” initiative to be implemented on its ATMs, and the attack took place on the third day after that.

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No one financial systеm of our time is insured against hacks and fraudulent activities. Always store your private keys and personal information safely.

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