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Dear users!

Today, our service encountered an unpleasant and dangerous situation for our clients! In the Telegram messenger, a channel called “@obmen_the_best” has appeared, and its creators pretend to be support managers from Best-obmen, but they are actually fraudsters.

scammers warning

We are confident that our users are very attentive and responsible in their online actions. By verifying the source of information, ensuring the correctness of domain and email addresses, and following basic security rules, you can minimize the chances of falling victim to scammers.

We would like to remind you once again that our official Telegram channel is called “Best-obmen.com“, and the link to it is only “@best_obmen_news“! The website address is “best-obmen.com“, and the email address from which our support managers may contact you is “[email protected]“.

Be cautious of unwanted messages falsely claiming to be sent by our service.

The fight against fraud is a collective responsibility, and we hope that our users will remain cautious. By obtaining information only from official channels, you can strengthen your protection against malicious actors.

E-currency Expert

Lean Donovan

Best-Obmen author

Stay one step ahead by trusting only information and updates provided through official sources such as the website, verified social media accounts, and open customer support channels (website chat).

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27.09.2023, 18:04